Turning Your Lessons Learned Into Business Improvement

CornerThought is dedicated to translating project lessons learned into business improvement. We help your organization capture, share and derive insights from your project lessons learned to ensure that you're not repeating the mistakes of the past.

CornerThought at a Glance

Keep Track of Your Action Plan

Once your lessons learned have been fully identified and assessed at the end of your project, you'll have a full action plan to help you focus your business improvement efforts. Our system will allow you to track improvement actions and get notified of due dates, completion status, and issues.

Ensure Continuous Improvement

Our Data Analytics team will assess your new and existing lessons learned across all your organizations projects to give you insights into common issues, biggest risks to future projects, project performance over time and effectiveness of improvement actions.

We'll help you capture your lessons learned

Working with our facilitators, we'll help you capture your lessons learned using industry best practices. Our web-based lessons learned workshops can be held at set stages of your projects, or at the end. Your team can also start logging their lessons learned into our system at any time on the project.

Stay Notified

When your team starts new projects, they will get notified of lessons learned and best practices from similar projects, as well as based on how relevant the information is to their project role or tasks. They can also choose to subscribe to notifications for specific topics of interest.


Interested in CornerThought?

Talk to a member of our product team to see if CornerThought would be a good fit for your organization and to book a demo.