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75% of projects in the oil & gas industry fail to hit their budget and schedule. Some of the primary reasons why they fail is poor communication and poor risk management. Using lessons learned from similar projects helps, but most lessons learned programs just don't work. We at CornerThought used our decades experience in oil & gas to improve the lessons learned experience.


Capture Your Lessons Learned

Capture your lessons learned using industry best practices. With our approach, you can ensure your lessons learned are of high quality. Your team can start logging their lessons learned at any time on the project, instead of waiting until the end. They can also review and contribute as a group to the lessons learned.

See the Trends

While your teams lessons learned are getting logged by your team, we're analyzing your lessons, as well as the lessons from similar projects across the industry, to give you quantifiable data on how your current project is running, as well as the common recurring issues on similar projects.


Stay Notified

When your team starts a new project, our platform will ensure they get notified of lessons learned and best practices from similar projects. As well, we'll send custom reports of relevant lessons learned based on the scope of your projects and tasks. They can also choose to subscribe to notifications for specific topics of interest.

Gain High Level Insights to Ensure Continuous Improvement

Our Data Analytics team will assess your new and existing lessons learned across your entire organization's projects, as well as the industry as a whole, to give you insights into frequency of issues, risks to future projects, project performance over time and effectiveness of improvement actions.


No need to install more software. All you need is a web-browser and internet. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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