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75% of projects in the oil & gas industry fail to hit their budget and schedule. Some of the main reasons why they fail is poor communication and poor risk management. Using lessons learned from similar projects helps, but most lessons learned programs just don't work. 

Why are most organizations unsatisfied with their lessons learned programs?

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Collecting Lessons Learned

Lessons learned are rarely captured properly. They’re collected at the end of a project in an unstructured manner when the team has moved on and forgotten what happened

Cumbersome Databases

Lessons learned databases are typically hard to navigate in order to find what applies to your current project or tasks. As well, most users search lessons learned reactively during the project as opposed to proactively before they need them.

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What to do with Lessons Learned?

If lessons learned are captured, most organizations don’t know how to use the information to drive business improvement.

Find out how we address these issues without the need for complex enterprise software. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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