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Why CornerThought?

Approximately 65% of major projects fail 

An External Perspective

Our external facilitators and coaches can help you elicit information from your project team that you as an internal member of your organization couldn't achieve. By getting an outsider, you eliminate bias, and encourage a more open dialog from you team regarding your projects.

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Insights for Improvement

Your lessons learned are meaningless unless they translate to business improvement. However, it can be hard to determine where to focus your continuous improvement efforts just based off of a few projects. Our platform and team utilize all of the data collected from your lessons learned to track patterns and trends for your projects. From there, we let you know what risks will likely affect future projects, what common issues are most affecting your project KPIs, and what efforts you should take to improve business performance.

Let us assess your project data, so that you can get back to managing your projects.

Proactive Information Sharing

Passive lessons learned databases typically are not used in organizations for a number of reasons. They are hard to search, particularly if when a you have a lot of project data. They are also used in a reactive manner, where users search them after an incident has already occurred.

CornerThought takes a proactive approach by providing your team with relevant lessons learned and best practices once they start a project, so they know what information they need ahead of time.

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