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Our Process

1. Setup Your Projects


We'll start by setting up your projects. We'll establish the project scope, team, objectives and key performance indicators. Our facilitators will collect the necessary project documentation to get started, then meet briefly with your project manager to ensure the details are correct. Once the project is established, we can begin collecting lessons learned.

1. Project Setup.png

2. Capture Project Incidents and Events

2. Incidents and Events.png




Instead of waiting until the end of a project to begin determining what went right and what went wrong, capture that information immediately and throughout the project lifecycle. 

3. Hold a Lessons Learned Workshop




At the close of the project, or specific project stages, our facilitators will hold a workshop with the key members of your project team to discuss the incidents your team identified. Our facilitators have years of experience capturing lessons learned on major capital projects, and are equipped to elicit what went right and what went wrong on the projects.

3. Details of Incident.png

4. Receive a Detailed Lessons Learned Report with an Action Plan

4. Action Assignment.png


Once all the lessons learned are captured, you'll have a detailed lessons learned report which will highlight the key takeaways, the most critical lessons learned, and prioritized actions based on the impact they will have for future projects.

As well, you can keep track of the completion of actions in our system.

5. Find and Get Notified About Relevant Lessons Learned

Our system notifies users about relevant lessons learned based on their projects, the lessons learned categories assigned to them, as well as categories they have subscribed to. As well, when users conduct a search, search results can be ranked based on the relevance to the user.

5. Search and Sharing.png

6. Gain Insights on Your Projects

5. Search and Sharing.png

Our data analytics team will go through the lessons learned of all your projects to determine what are the common issues for certain types of projects, what issues have the greatest impact on projects over time, and what potential risks could affect future projects.

Using the data collected, we'll help you focus your business improvement efforts.

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