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Setup Projects in CornerThought

In CornerThought, lessons learned are sorted by project. So before adding lessons learned to your organizations database, you'll need to create projects within the system.

To get started, you will need to setup the types of projects your organization completes. To do this click on Create New Project or My Current Projects then Manage Project Types.

From here, click Add Project Type to define a project type within your organization.

Once you've created the project type, you can begin creating projects within CornerThought. Click Create New Project to start a new project within CornerThought. Give the project a unique ID and fill out the remaining basic project information.

You can also add Project Parameters to define the scope of the project. These can include project scope details like client, deliverables, location, or department. Click Add Parameter to define these scope details. Then fill out the scope details specific to the project, as per the example below:

Adding additional project information helps make your projects more searchable by scope parameters and helps rank information based on how similar your current project is to other projects within your database.

Once you click Save, your new project will appear in My Current Projects.

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